Stannah straight stairlift

The Stannah stair lift is one of the most reliable ways to afford to stay at home for a longer period while being safe. The chair stair lift prevent falls that can make your situation worse. Highly appreciated by aging customers, the stair lift helps to stay independent at home. It is no longer a luxury considering its very affordable price and the autonomy it gives you.

Available as a commercial model, the stair lift is also ideal for making a commercial, community hall or other public places accessible.

  • stair lift
  • Chaise d'escalier droit
  • stair lift
  • Chaise d'escalier droit
  • stair lift

All our models of stairlift are guaranteed 24 months for parts and 12 months for labor. The geared motor unit is guaranteed for life.

stair lift

The seat and footrest are equipped with very effective sensors so that the seat will stop if there is an obstruction. this feature eliminate the risk of injury and make the Stannah chair stairlift the safest in Quebec.

stair lift

The footrest and armrests fold up to make the most of the space. With only 13 ” of obstruction, your seat will not be bulky for people who will choose to go upstairs on foot.

stair lift

Two controllers will be provided to allow the use of two people. You will be able to control your stairlift remotely.


Maximum capacity : 165kg (360lb)
Interchangeable armrests : oui
Speed: 0,09m/s (18p/m)
Power supply : pile 24VDC
Drive system: rack and pinion
The footrest is motirized
foldable armrests
maximum trajectory : 35000mm (114ft)
Maximum inclination : 24° à 52°

Caractéristiques particulières
The stairlift is 13″ wide once folded and pivot at 80° at the upper landing
It is possible to pivot at 90° at the lower landing with the bidirectional option
Motorized footrest included

Available options
Hardwood seat (oak or maple) covered with vinyl or high quality fabric.
Standard Starla seat upholstered with high quality fabric
Motorized pivot
Three or five points Harness style belt