Wheelchair platform mobile lift


Our mobile lift model, this mobile lifting platform for wheelchairs is designed for commercial spaces, concert halls, events, schools, etc. for this purpose. this mobile lifting platform is designed for durability. Equipped with a simple worm system, it is quiet and very affordable. Made in Quebec, the mobile lifting platform is solid and reliable for any type of temperature. An ideal solution to make a place temporary accessible to all at a desired time.

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Wheelchair platform lift mobile

INFORMATIONS – Wheelchair platform mobile lift

Maximum capacity :
One person in a wheelchair and a helper
Maximum capacity : 340 Kg (750 lb)

Drive system : Worm gear
Motor : DC, 24 volts or AC 120 volts
Speed : 0,05 m/s (9 ft/min)
Maximum height : 1625 mm (64 in)

Industrial controller and control
Protection against bad weather
Stronger acetal (derlin) bearing
Elastic paint resistant to impact
Anti-slip floor
Manufacturing delay : +/- 4 weeks

Available dimension
One persone in a wheelchair
Floor dimension: 915mm x 1370mm (36in x 54in) or 915mm x 1525mm (36in x 60in)
One person in a wheelchair with a helper
Floor dimension: 915mm x 1525mm (36in x 60in)